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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina (3 units)

PET 5L (3 units case)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina (3 units)
Shop | aceite | Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina (3 units)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% of Arberquina variety. Obtained directly from olives and only through mechanic processes. Cold extraction.

Valdecuevas Chef is aimed to satisfy the needs of cooks.
A premium EVOO, with acidity below 0.2% and exceptional organoleptic features.
Its versatility makes it to be an ideal choice for different uses.
This oil 100% Arbequina gives significant added value to the culinary preparations, being largely responsible for all the ingredients to make sense on the plate.

Sweet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, balanced, with aromas of almond, banana and a subtle touch of fresh Grass. The taste is soft and velvety with aromas of banana, apple and almond.

Keep the product in a cool (between 15º C - 25º C), dry place, protected from light and away from odors.
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